UNV 4K UltraHD (8MP) Prime I NDAA Compliant Weatherproof Vandal Dome IP Security Camera with a 2.8-12mm Motorized Zoom Lens, Deep AI Human & Vehicle Detection, LightHunter Illumination Technology, and a Built-In Microphone

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This takes traditional security camera pixel based motion detection and throws it out the window. With traditional Pixel Based Motion detection, you tend to get a lot of false motion alerts, whether it be bugs swarming the cameras, clouds going in front of the sun causing a major light change, or trees swaying in the wind. This camera is able to intelligently decipher between what would be considered a false motion detection event and what is actually a human or an automobile. Motion you can choose to focus on includes human motion, motorized vehicle motion, or non-motorized vehicle motion. The choice is yours.



How many times has this happened to you? You get a push notification on your phone from your security camera telling you that there’s movement in your front yard. Curious, you open the notification, only to see that it’s just a windy night. A few minutes later, “Ding!” Another notification. Skeptical, you pick up your phone only to see a squirrel dashing across your lawn. A few minutes later, a third notification. This time you don’t even pay attention to it. Soon, you’re turning off push notifications altogether.

We refer to this problem as the Security Camera Who Cried Motion. And here’s the good news: we have the solution. Deep artifical intelligence from Uniview. Here’s how it works.

Simply tell your security camera the kind of movement you’re interested in: human motion, motor vehicle motion, or non-motor vehicle motion. And that’s it. Your security camera will do the rest. It will start filtering out all non-important motion, giving you the peace the of mind you need. When you get notifications on your phone or see motion-detection recording on your NVR, you’ll have confidence that your camera is only picking up important movement that you’re actually interested in.

Other incredible features you’ll find on this camera include high-quality 4K imagery, LightHunter illumination technology for noise-free low-light footage, a built-in microphone, and so much more. With its M-Star chip, this camera is also NDAA-compliant, meaning you can install this on US government property without running into any issues.

If you’re looking for incredible security technology for any scenario, if you’re looking for a way to cut down on false motion detection notifications, and if you’re looking for a crystal-clear 4K image with minimal motion blur and graininess, you’re looking for the IPC3238SB-ADZK-I0 from Uniview.