todayDecember 7, 2021

How To's + Postfix + SpamAssassin taylor

How To: Configure SpamAssassin on CWP Pro

SpamAssassin is an Open Source anti-spam platform that attempts to filter spam by examining incoming emails in the CentOS Web Panel integrated with the Postfix Mail Server. Although the SpamAssassin service is running we cannot see Spam filtering is working. Therefore this tutorial will walk you through how to configure SpamAssain on CentOS Web [...]

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Who Are We?

Founded and operated in small-town Plymouth, Indiana by local nerd, gone-entrepreneur Taylor Jones, NexGen Digital Solutions aims to provide modern, intuitive and affordable information technology solutions to area homes, small business, enterprise and government.

With a lifetime of experience and expansive knowledge in all-things digital, Taylor’s foremost goal is to inform. As today’s digital landscape becomes evermore evolving, it can be difficult to stay in-the-loop and know exactly what steps need to be taken to achieve a greater level of privacy and security.

As the number of hourly cyber attacks rise each day, the value you place on your family’s and/or business’s privacy and online security becomes more critical hour-by-hour. A good way to put it would be the inverse (in the kinda-sorta type of way…) of Newton’s Third Law:

For every inaction, there is an equal and much greater opposite reaction.

Meaning, for every action you don’t take towards securing your privacy and data, a much more sinister threat you will face in the future.

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