todayOctober 8, 2021

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Postfix BCC All Incoming Mail For User or Domain

In this article we’re going to learn how to configure Postfix to BCC all incoming mail for a domain or specific user. First, let’s create the following file in Postfix with the following command: nano /etc/postfix/recipient_bcc_maps To BCC all incoming mail for a single domain, use the following: *@example-a.tld [email protected] [...]

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Who Are We?

Founded and operated in small-town Plymouth, Indiana by local nerd, gone-entrepreneur Taylor Jones, NexGen Digital Solutions aims to provide modern, intuitive and affordable information technology solutions to area homes, small business, enterprise and government.

With a lifetime of experience and expansive knowledge in all-things digital, Taylor’s foremost goal is to inform. As today’s digital landscape becomes evermore evolving, it can be difficult to stay in-the-loop and know exactly what steps need to be taken to achieve a greater level of privacy and security.

As the number of hourly cyber attacks rise each day, the value you place on your family’s and/or business’s privacy and online security becomes more critical hour-by-hour. A good way to put it would be the inverse (in the kinda-sorta type of way…) of Newton’s Third Law:

For every inaction, there is an equal and much greater opposite reaction.

Meaning, for every action you don’t take towards securing your privacy and data, a much more sinister threat you will face in the future.

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