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How To: Configure SpamAssassin on CWP Pro

SpamAssassin is an Open Source anti-spam platform that attempts to filter spam by examining incoming emails in the CentOS Web Panel integrated with the Postfix Mail Server. Although the SpamAssassin service is running we cannot see Spam filtering is working. Therefore this tutorial will walk you through how to configure SpamAssain on CentOS Web [...]

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Why Should Your Business Invest In Network Security?

Cyber security + Cybercrime + Global news + Network Security taylor todayFebruary 19, 2021 225

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As time progresses, businesses are paying special attention to their privacy needs. With a huge wave of digitalization rolling in, it is important to stay up to date on today’s security measures to avoid any security breaches. The cost of a data breach averages approximately $200,000. Moreover, there is also a high increase in downfalls as data breaches take over. Just in 2020, there was a 90% increase in cyber-attacks. Relying on employees to carry out cybersecurity measures can be extremely tedious and reduce productivity levels as well. Instead, businesses should work to improve network security by deploying a managed and dedicated IT solution.

Data Protection

First and foremost, making your business’ cyber security and online privacy seriously will help protect your data and shield you from any breaches. Nowadays, companies don’t just have their credentials to safeguard but consumer-related data as well. All this sensitive content must be protected to prevent finding themselves landing in severe financial and legal trouble.

Employee Errors

Secondly, there are bound to errors made by employees as well. Human error is a common occurrence, especially in jobs that involve dealing with intricate details. Any slight negligence on behalf of employees can result in huge breaches and even financial trouble. Training employees won’t just do the job, and it is important to deploy specific IT-based measures to combat ever-evolving cyber threats.

Smart Attacks

In these digitalized ties, when security systems might be getting improved, hackers are stepping up their game as well. Various new tools and innovations are being used in order to sophisticatedly attack companies and carry out illegal activities such as phishing and identity theft. Hence, a network overhaul can be crucial if companies have an outdated security system. Our dedicated network security solutions and services will work on implementing various and necessary protocols that will help businesses stay safe.

Increased Productivity

Many businesses tend to forego taking the necessary IT infrastructure upgrades and training needed to help mitigate cyber-attacks. However, by taking these necessary steps, one can potentially save themselves from future financial and legal trouble in the event of a data breach or network intrusion, but it will also help boost productivity levels within workplace by taking the burden off in-house employee’s shoulders. Employees who were previously assigned IT-related tasks and roles outside of their respected duties and responsibilities can be reassigned to other creative jobs. Moreover, many times when hackers hijack IT systems, employees are left helpless, and a lot of time is wasted and thus, an even greater amount of productivity would be hampered.

Better Reputation

Incorporating a network security system will increase your goodwill amongst your clients and enhance your reputation as a responsible business. Consumers who are wary of data theft can be reassured, and a higher level of trust can be curated. This increased trust will benefit the business financially as well since loyal customers can be financially beneficial in the long term.


With the high progress rates in terms of digitalization, businesses need to allocate an amount and invest in cyber security. This is the only way companies can stay one step ahead of cybercrime and better secure their data from any sort of breach or theft. IT systems will incorporate various security provisions, including antivirus, firewall protection, network segregation and much more, to give you and your customers peace of mind.

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