The Need for Network Security in This “New” Normal

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The Need of Network Security When Everybody Works From Home – An Insight in the Future of the New Normal

The COVID-19 pandemic had everything on hold when it swept the world with its high contagion. The fear that the world economy will be brought to its knees is also a real one. What survived were e-commerce and IT-related businesses, which were ushered into the limelight.

Businesses began starting their outreach programs through the internet and streamlining their supply chains to conform to the latest digital trends. E-commerce and its success during the lockdown days were unprecedented as everyone turned to online shopping.

Remote Work as a Distinct Possibility

Once it became clear that the new regimen was about to stay, companies and businesses began to prepare for the new normal. According to a survey by networking and cybersecurity firm Juniper Networks, most employees think they’ll continue working remotely in the near future.

The pandemic also gave way to a new security threat – the hacking of networks by phishing and online networks. As more and more of the workforce started to work from home, remotely, the existing network threat increased drastically.

According to Google’s figures, there were around 18 million phishing emails related to the COVID-19 pandemic on each day of April 2020. This points towards massive gaps in organizations’ network security and how hackers look to exploit in the times of a global pandemic.

The Burgeoning Remote Workers and COVID Scams

The networks during the times of COVID-19 are experiencing a double bolt to their infrastructures. Not only is the remote worker population increasing day by day, but the level of COVID-19 related scams is also growing day by day.

To safeguard the general public and the remote workers from these possible threats, businesses and organizations must view the cybersecurity paradigm as a money-saving process rather than a burden on the company’s resources.

Unified Cloud Management

One way companies can shore up their defenses is by building a unified cloud management system. It will monitor your team’s daily workings remotely and have access to everything that goes around the cloud.

The cloud is increasingly becoming the norm for organizations to work from. Hence companies must think of a unified networking and security solution. The focus should shift from an office-based networking/cybersecurity solution towards a more user-centric and cloud-based security regime.

Move Away From Site-Based-Security

Another paradigm shift into the supposed future should focus on moving away from the site-based security model. In this model, anyone can access everything once you have the password to a website. However, this opens the website to a great many security threats.

The solution to this issue lies in increasing the layers of security for websites, including two-factor authentication. Moreover, cybersecurity professionals should limit the site access to the users who require such access instead of offering one-stop access to all employees to all website features.

Key Takeaway

A more proactive approach is the need of the hour that helps to improve network security. The solutions must be based on scalable approaches instead of closed and binary systems. Businesses and organizations must take a dynamic approach with all the industry stakeholders sitting down to review the measures and adopting a new regime.

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    Nice job on your recent network and security camera install ! Everything was on time and working great!

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