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How To: Configure SpamAssassin on CWP Pro

SpamAssassin is an Open Source anti-spam platform that attempts to filter spam by examining incoming emails in the CentOS Web Panel integrated with the Postfix Mail Server. Although the SpamAssassin service is running we cannot see Spam filtering is working. Therefore this tutorial will walk you through how to configure SpamAssain on CentOS Web [...]

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All You Need To Know – Hardware Security

Cyber security + Network Security + Network Basics taylor todayFebruary 19, 2021 178 5

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The physical equipment that enables a computer to function effectively is called computer hardware. In the same way, networking hardware is required for the system to exist in the first place and the devices inside that networking system to communicate efficiently. The main purpose of it is the transmission of data in a computer network.

Common Network Hardware

There are various types that are used to implement a networking system. The most essential ones are:

Routers – routers are devices that are used to transfer data packets between different computer networks.

Network Cables – these are used to transfer data from one device to another, like from a router to a computer.

Switches – switches are used to transfer data from a device to a specific destination.

Gateway – gateways are used to connect two different networks.

Network Interface Card – these are used to connect a computer to a network.

Hard Drives – these store the data your server, computers and other devices use to operate and function. These can be in the form of Hard Disk Drives, Solid State Drives, Hybrid Drives, Portable Drives, USB Drives (Portable), to name a few.

Physical Layer Security Methods

The hardware used in networks works on the first layer of the OSI model, which is the physical layer. The physical layer is responsible for transferring raw data in the form of binary digits. The devices like cables, connectors, and NICs make it possible for the data to transfer from a source to a destination.

Even though the physical layer makes the data transfer very convenient, it is also prone to cybersecurity threats. This layer is the most vulnerable in many ways, and if security at this level fails, it could result in a complete network overhaul. From a network security perspective, the most concerning factor at the physical layer is the prohibited parties accessing the hardware to exploit it.

Prevention Methods

Attacks on the physical layer can be shielded by implementing certain network security methods and techniques. This can be done by cybersecurity specialists who can stop the attackers from reaching their goal by carrying out regular network audits. The methods that can be implemented after the network auditing include:

Physical Network Segregation

Physical network segregation or segmentation is dividing the physical components of a large matrix into small segments. This is done by putting different devices like routers and switches at different physical locations. This method makes it difficult for harmful parties to locate the major devices.

Prevention Of Theft

When looking for network security, many people tend to forget about preventing theft of their machines and devices and getting distracted by more intricate details of cybersecurity, which causes the attackers to steal hardware. The administrators can overcome this issue by:

  • Setting up surveillance
  • Locking server rooms
  • Taking extra care of portables like laptops
  • Protecting printers
  • Prevent Access To Critical Business Hardware
  • Attackers try to make changes in a system by accessing hardware. This can be prevented by:
  • Putting up firewalls
  • Updating software on the hardware
  • Educating employees about cybersecurity
  • Keeping consistent backups
  • Using complex passwords
  • Implementing New Hardware With Security Measures

This is one of the most underrated methods for hardware security because organizations usually look for Managed IT Solutions when they are already in trouble with network security. What they should do is take measures before implementing hardware for better security. These measures could be like using rack-mount servers, testing it before installing, and adding more layers of security where it is being installed.

Final Words

In the current times of extreme digitalization, businesses must stay updated on their security measures to stay safe. When implemented, these security measures can help strengthen the structure of a business and boost productivity.

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